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Required configuration in OpenSimulator

In your GridCommon.ini, be sure to have AuthorizationService enabled:

    AuthorizationServices = "RemoteAuthorizationServicesConnector"

... and a bit further below:

	AuthorizationServerURI = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=auth&format=xml&tmpl=component"

Required configuration in jOpenSim

In the global configuration of jOpenSim, you find in the tab "jOpenSim Settings" the possibility to enable AuthorizationService:

AuthorizationService Settings

The "Minimum age" is currently only used by the "Auth for HG users" and the plugin jOpenSimRegister (see below).

The "Auth-Link" will guide a local user to a Joomla page in case the user is not yet age verified and wants to enter a mature/adult region.

Enabling "Auth for HG users" will guide them to a special page of jOpenSim, where the user simply has to confirm that he/she is older than "Minimum age".

Access for local users to mature/adult regions

Manual access

In jOpenSim backend user management, you can give manual access to users by clicking "Age verified" in the users settings:

User settings

Access via Joomla User Profile Plugin and jOpenSimRegister

The plugin can read the field "date of birth" of Joomla's built in User Profile Plugin, if enabled.

For this, the Joomla User Profile Plugin must be enabled

User profiles

and in this plugin, at least "Date of Birth" must be enabled (optional or required).

User profiles

NOTE: these settings are double, once for registration and once for editing the profile ... keep this in mind

now you can enable "Age verification" in jOpenSimRegister's config tab "Advanced":


The field "Date of Birth" will appear in the users Joomla account page and if the value is more than "Minimum age" of settings above, jOpenSimRegister will automatically set the user as age verified.