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Login Screen

Login Screen

The login screen (also known as "splash screen") is what the viewers display when they select your grid, before the users login.

On top you find a link to preview this screen in your browser. Also this would be the value for welcome in the section [GridInfoService] of your Robust.ini, but in new configuration system is easier done by

welcome = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim

Login Screen Layout

The setting possibilities vary here very much depending on the Layout settings Classic or Customized

Classic Login Screen

The classic loginscreen was the only one until jOpenSim v0.3.1.0. It has 3 fixed boxes to display the grid status, regions and a message.

Login Screen

Customized Login Screen

The custom loginscreen is new in jOpenSim since v0.3.1.2 and provides a very flexible way to add any Joomla module to it.

See jOpenSim HowTo LoginscreenAttachModule for detailed instructions.

Login Screen