Migration From Joomla3 To Joomla4

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Migrating jOpenSim from Joomla 3.10.x to Joomla 4.x is now possible in a more or less smooth way.

But just to be sure, dont forget to MAKE A BACKUP

There is a VERY HELPFUL guide @ https://docs.joomla.org how to generally migrate Joomla to 4.x:

NOTE: This page only describes the migration from jOpensim point of view. Be sure you have checked all other extensions in a similar way before upgrading (did I already mention to make a backup?) And know: the above mentioned turtorial is really great, but can not find every possible issue. In my case first try ended in a broken website due to an unclean deinstallation (for whatever reason) from an old/ancient version of ArkEditor.

Knowing this and according to this turtorial (after you upgraded to the latest stable 3.10.x version of Joomla), you now can enter in your Joomla backend

Components -> Joomla! Update -> Options

and switch to the "Next" Channel:

Updatechannel Next

after "Save & Close" Joomla will run a precheck and show you a result similar to this:

Migration Precheck

This looks scary, but in this moment it is expected, so no panic :)

NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Uninstall or at least disable all installed jOpenSim plugins BEFORE migrating in

Extensions -> Manage -> Manage

disabled plugins

It's not really required, but if you prefer, you can also disable the modules and the component jOpenSim itself, but


This would also delete your current database tables and a fresh installation of it would not convert these tables from an eventually restored 3.x backup to the new required schema!

After disabling the plugins, you will see the precheck different when you return to "Joomla! Update":

Precheck OK for jOpenSim

Dont worry about the message "Update Information Unavailable" ... after upgrading Joomla now from 3 to 4, it will find the new jOpenSim versions and upgrade them to be compatible again.

Dont forget to enable the plugins again after all updates are finished.

And when the upgrade finihed successfully, it might be a good idea to make a new backup of the database so you dont need to start from the beginning if something now goes wrong ;)

Note if you use custom avatar selection in jOpenSimRegister: you will now also have to enable "Selectable Avatars" in jOpenSim's global configuration at the bottom of the "users" tab.

Good Luck :)