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jOpenSim is a Joomla! component for maintaining OpenSimulator grids. It does NOT install OpenSim for you.

While jOpenSim is intended to be an intuitive and easy to use administration for OpenSim, advanced knowledge about "ports", "hostnames" and "MySQL" is an absolute must to succeed.

You will not find much information here how to setup OpenSim but how to set up OpenSim to work with jOpenSim. If you need to get help setting up OpenSim in general, have a look to OpenSim wiki


jOpenSim requires OpenSim running with MySQL as database. For inworld currency, InnoDB engine is required. Allthough jOpenSim runs with the minimum version required for Joomla, it is recommended to have a version 5.6+ for better performance.

Allthough Grid-Mode is preferred, also Standalone-Mode will work, but additional changes for presence service is required.

For successful installation, Joomla version 3.3+ is required

In case OpenSim is not running on the same server like Joomla, you must be able to create a user with the hostname of your Joomla site in your OpenSim database

For communication between OpenSim and jOpenSim, some changes in the ini files are required, see OpenSimulator related


Installing jOpenSim is the same way like most other components. After downloading the file, find the Extension Manager and upload the zip file to install jOpenSim (see screenshots below)

If it is a new installation, jOpenSim will redirect you directly to the Global Configuration, otherwise to the overview of jOpenSim.

If you update from a previous version of jOpenSim, it could be that you see a warning message:

jOpenSim3 install warning

Since version 0.3.0.x jOpenSim is using rollback transactions for money transaction and for this, the InnoDB engine is required. Since these tables could contain a lot of data, an automatic conversion could end in a timeout of max_execution_time of your server settings so this job is left intentially to be done manually. You can execute following query manually e.g. in phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE `#__opensim_money_customfees` ENGINE=InnoDB;

Of course, replace #__ with your Joomla DB prefix and the table name with the one(s) listed in the install warning.


Main overview of jOpenSim

OpenSimulator related

In the admin section of jOpenSim, you will find "Addon Help", that will provide you best with changes required for certain features. For a basic overview, you can have a look to example ini files here:

Basically here important are the changes concerning jOpenSim itself and NOT how to setup an OpenSimulator. For this a link to OpenSimulator should point.

Global Configuration

The Global Configuration button can be found on top right in the main overview of jOpenSim

Button to the Global Configuration

In there you find 10 tabs (besides the obligatory permission tab) to configure your jOpenSim to your needs:

jOpenSim Settings

General setting of jOpenSim

OpenSim Database

Database settings of OpenSim (NOT jOpenSim)

Login Screen

Login Screen (also known as splash screen) for the viewers


Settings for the Leaflet or Google Maps API for the frontend grid map


Control permissions and initial values for users


Groups settings


Various settings for the modules "jOpenSimSearch" and "jOpenSimProfile"


Basic settings for handling inworld currency [1]

Remote Admin

General settings for RemoteAdmin

jOpenSim Debugging

Enable debugging with jOpenSim. To be able to export/import the global configuration, you need to enable the last switch (Settings). See more information below

Export/Import global configuration of jOpenSim

If the "Settings" debugging is enabled, you will get all setting variables in your jOpenSim overview (except passwords) and 2 buttons for exporting/importing the components global configuration.

NOTE: the import function does not validate the file you upload. A wrong file can cause your jOpenSim component or even entire Joomla installation unusable. Use it with CAUTION!. It also ONLY exports the components configuration and NOT the data. A backup before this step is always a good idea :)

jOpenSim Permissions



Main overview of jOpenSim

Once, everything is configured and setup correct, you find a bunch of icons (depending on your enabled addons) in the overview page:

Edit CSS

On top left, you find a button to customize the jOpenSim CSS file

Grid Status

This is just a graphic giving you a quick information about your grid

Grid Status

In the green circle is shown the amount of regions currently registered (including hidden ones). The red circle shows the currently online users and will turn into blue if there are any.


Handle regions and their settings



User management



Group management



Search management



Manage inworld currency [1]



Send remote admin commands



Configuration help



  1. 1.0 1.1 The addition module jOpenSimMoney is required, which is NOT part of jOpenSim