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jOpenSim comes with 2 free modules for OpenSim:

  • jOpenSimProfile - this is an adoption of OSprofile
  • jOpenSimSearch - an adoption of OSsearch

These are dll files to be placed in your simulators bin folder and delivered with jOpenSim located in your ./administrator/components/com_opensim/opensim_modules/ folder but also can be downloaded in the recent version from

For groups it is using the build in flotsam module (NOT groups V2) of OpenSimulator.

NOTE: jOpenSim does NOT use profile V2, it needs to be disabled to let profiles work with jOpenSim

General notes

In some cases conflicts have been reported when using the same URL for the grid and the website. So in general it is a better idea to run the grid itself under a different subdomain (e.g. than your website (e.g.


Define here what should turn up in search results. This affects your web based inworld search as well as the search results in the viewers in the All search tab in the viewer.


Events are part of the search addon and jOpenSim will provide the inworld map of your users with a mark on the map for upcoming and ongoing events (in Singularity a pink star).

Of course it is not wanted to allow everyone creating an event everywhere. This you can control here. If you allow registered users to create events on public regions, dont forget to set at least one region in Maps to public, otherwise your users will get an error instead of a parcel list to select.

Fom technical side the regular "eventmanager" is not possible for 32bit enviroments, this why you can alternatively choose other group permissions here in case you want to allow group events


If you have GetTexture enabled, you can additionally decide here if profile images should show on your website and what maximum width and height they should have.


Classifieds are basically part of jOpenSimProfile, but allso take affect for jOpenSimSearch. Note that currently, the payment for classifieds is not implemented in jOpenSimMoney and also the autorenew is not implemented (yet).