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jOpenSim Settings Tab

jOpenSim Settings

In this tab, you define, where your grid services are reachable. These values are usually found in




in the section


of your Robust.ini (grid mode) or OpenSim.ini (standalone mode)

If your grid has the service GetTexture enabled (see a short description how to set this up in Addon) you can tell here jOpenSim that it can retreive images directly from your OpenSim and in what format it should grab them.

NOTE: png can display transparency but seems to be very slow in generating on OpenSim side. Currently jOpenSim does not yet support caching these images. Also the images will ALLWAYS be displayed square.


You can enable/disable all addons individually here. If Groups, Search or Money System is disabled, also the Link to its management sections will not be displayed in the main overview of jOpenSim