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jOpenSim User Settings

User Permissions

This controls the behaviour of the inworld account page for the users. You can allow/refuse here what users can change in their account AFTER they created their account in your grid

Last Names

This setting affects besides the inworld account page also the plugin plg_jopensimregister in its behaviour to provide last names.

  • None: A text field will show up and accept every last name the user registers (or changes)
  • Allow: A drop down field with the names listed below will be provided and no other names will be accepted
  • Deny: A text field will show, but if a user registers with/changes to one lastname of below, it will return an error

The lastnames should be provided by one name per line

Default Values

The first part sets default home region and its x/y location for a user when first created. This can also be changed in Maps any time later

Default User Level

plg_jopensimregister currently does not hook into the validation process of Joomla (adoption for this is on the toto list) so when your user registeres, it will have this level and depending of it can join your grid even without validation.

Other Misc User Flags

These flags ar currently not used by jOpenSim at all, but are provided by OpenSim. Maybe you have scripts or other modules that require one of them, so you can set them here for new registered users