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Required configuration settings

To be able to use the customizable login screen, you need to enable its layout in the tab "Login Screen" of the "Global Configuration":

Customized Layout

Creating new login screen position

Once, this layout is preset, you will find a new menu item in jOpenSim's sidebar:

Custom Login Screen View

Here you click on "Add new Position". A new form will appear:

Login Screen new position

The position name needs to be unique. jOpenSim will suggest a name, but at the end it is totally up to you. Do not mix these positions up with your template positions.

In this turtorial, we assume that we create a position called "jopensim_loginscreen_1" at the position top 20px, left 20px. Once, saved, you will see this position without any attached module:

New position without module

The status of it will be invisible and disabled as long as there is not at least one module attached to it.

Attach module to position

To attach a module, click on "Set a module for this position". This will bring you to your Joomla's module manager (com_modules). There, create a new or edit an existing module you want to appear at this login screen position.

Now comes the "tricky part" :) The module manager (yet) has no idea of the new position. To enable it, you need to manually type this position on top right into the position field and type ENTER:

Creating custom position in module manager

When you save the module and return to jOpenSim's Login Screen, you will see this module attached to this position (in this case jOpenSim Grid Status):

Position with attached module

Now all you need to do is to change status to "visible" and the module will appear in your login screen :)

Some notes

Sure you can even enter template position names, so all your modules in e.g. template position "right" will appear in the login screen (on a position top-right...)

Know that the modules do not look exactly same like on the website, since the login screen will not load the template of the website. Otherwise you would even see the menu, header, footer, etc. in the login screen.