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Creating a menu entry for your grid map (Leaflet way)

In your Joomla administration, go to the menu manager. In your desired menu click on Add New Menu Item

Add New Menu Item

In this new menu, give the link an explanatory name in Menu Title and click below beside the Menue Item Type on Select.

Select Menu Item Type

A new popup window will apear, where you can see jOpenSim. A click on it will expand and you can select LeafletMap:

Here you can select GridMap

Custom Map Center

In the second tab, you can set a different map center than in your Global Configuration:

Custom Map Center

This makes sometimes sense, if you have a bunch of other regions located far from the regular center and want to provide a 2nd link to display them in a frontend map as well.


Currently markers have a fixed size (33px width, 44px height) and thatfor fixed anchor ponts for the marker (17,43) and it's popup (0,-44). It is planned to enable customized sizes in a later version of jOpenSim.

If you look for individual (and free) markers, I can DEFINATELY suggest to take a look to