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In jOpenSim version there are minor changes in new added features, but huge changes to the internal communication structure between OpenSimulator and Joomla.

The main reason for this is bringing jOpenSim a huge step closer to a compatibility for the upcoming Joomla4 (MIND: this version is NOT YET compatible with it, allthough it is possible to install it there!) but also to speed up the communication between Joomla and OpenSimulator and make it more reliable.

Because of this, also changes in your *.ini files are required to let addons like search, groups, profile, offlinemessages or money continue working correct:

New requirements

jOpenSim now relies on the built-in xmlrpc functions of PHP (see



old value:

GroupsServerURI = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/interface.php"

new value:

GroupsServerURI = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface"


old value:

OfflineMessageURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/interface.php
MuteListURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/interface.php

new value:

OfflineMessageURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface&messaging=
MuteListURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface&messaging=


remove this line completely:

data_services = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/registersearch.php"

With the new search module, the registering to jOpenSim will handled just with the values of next section. Be sure to copy the precompiled module jOpenSim.Search.dll from your ./administrator/components/com_opensim/opensim_modules into the bin-folder of your simulators (and restart them AFTER updating to jOpenSim


old value:

SearchURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/interface.php

new value:

SearchURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface


... only if jOpenSimMoney is in use: old value:

CurrencyURL = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/currency.php"

new value:

CurrencyURL = "${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface"



old value:

ProfileURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/components/com_opensim/interface.php

new value:

ProfileURL = ${Const|jOpensimURL}/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface


In case you use the terminal function for inworld identification, you need to change the lsl script there at the very beginning (be default line 11):

old value:

string targetUrl = "http://path-to-your-joomla/components/com_opensim/interface.php";

new value:

string targetUrl = "http://path-to-your-joomla/index.php?option=com_opensim&view=interface";