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Maps Overview


Here you get a quick overview of the current regions in your grid and their owner(s) and settings.

Clicking on Refresh Map Now will grab the region image new regardless of the settings in your Map configuration.

Edit settings

Clicking on the region name (or selecting the region and click on Edit up left) will let you change the region settings:

Edit Map Settings
  • Public Region will allow users to create an event on any parcel of this region
  • Hide this region will NOT hide the region in the inworld map, but for the frontend grid map

Default region

Clicking on the region preview image (or selecting the region and click on Default up left) will let you set the default region and its entrance point:

Select Default Region

Here you can visually set the exact entrance point for new registered users. If previously an entrance point is already set on this region, a yellow circle will show it's current position. Remember, that the parcel must allow teleport to anywhere to let this work.

Unused region images

Here you see a list of images in your region cache folder currently not belonging to any region. The reason can be a temporary disabled region, or a temporary downtime of a simulator, but helps you to keep the cache folder clean of images for regions never turning up anymore.