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Depending of your settings in jOpenSim's Global Configuration you can send 3 commands to either ONE simulator, or one simulator from a list:

  • If RemoteAdmin System is set to Single in the global configuration, those settings there will be taken and the commands below are sent to this simulator
  • If RemoteAdmin System is set to Multiple, you have the possibility to manage more simulators. A dropdown will then be provided to send the commands below to the selected simulator

Add Region

There is a quite persistant bug in OpenSim, causing a failure response even if the region was successfully created

But 2 things to mention here:

  • jOpenSim does not know your estates, so it just presumes it is correct. If there is a typo, creation will fail
  • after creation, you find the region in your OpenSimulator folder in ./regions/jOpenSim.ini

Send message

Here you can send a message to all regions of a simulator

OS Version

Display the OpenSimulator version of selected simulator


Terminals is NOT a remote admin command, but can help to migrate existing systems with lot of OpenSimulator users to jOpenSim

Multiple Simulators

With the button Simulators you can manage your simulators


Currently connected simulators show Simulator Online, recently connected but currently offline simulators show Simulator Offline beside of it.


The Alias is free to define and shall help you to identify the desired simulator in the drop down field.

If you keep the password empty, it will use the one set in jOpenSim's Global Configuration