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Sorting Results

This would logically actually belong to the Global Configuration, but wasnt easy to solve as of so you find it here:

This lets you control in what order the results turn up in frontend inworld search as well as in the "All" tab in the inworld search window. Remember to click on Save top left after you changed the order.

Search Status Overview

Every simulator has to register to your jOpenSim before adding content to the search database tables. In rare cases it could be that a simulator crashes and never will return. Here you have

  • the possibility to remove this simulator manually (Mind that still online simulators will not get any response anymore if removed, use this with caution)
  • rebuild all search data from this simulator

Current content in search database

Here you can view the content of the search database content. It also provides you with an SURL to check this inworld. You also can completely delete parts of the search, but they will be rebuild according to your datasnapshot period in your OpenSim.ini(s).

On bottom you have the possibility to completely rebuild search content from ALL simulators. This makes sense if e.g. you had to remove a lost simulator in Search Status Overview

Mind that you currently can not delete events or classifieds that arent expired yet. This why this button looks different.