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User Management

User List

This page gives you a list of all users in your OpenSim. Remember this is NOT a list of your Joomla users!

Delete User

Delete User

Deleting a user will also remove all inventory folders, but not delete the Joomla user. Also eventually created assets of this user wont be touched since there might be linked references in inventories of other users to it.

If you want to delete the Joomla user including the OpenSim user, it is the best to enable the plugin jOpenSimRegister and enable this option there. When you then delete the user from the regular user admin page of Joomla, also the OpenSim user will be deleted.

Add New User

Add User

A user created from here will have no appearance at all (not even ruth). This mostly makes sense for system accounts like the banker account or if you want to start a selectable avatar from the scratch.

Joomla User Relation

User Relation

Every regular user needs to be present in Joomla as well as in OpenSim. This function lets you control the relation between them. Like this, jOpenSim will know what inworld settings (e.g. profile settings) to show which Joomla user.

System users (banker, avatars) dont really need any user relation.

Repair User Status

Repair UserStatus

In earlier versions of OpenSim it happened more often, but even in recent versions it can happen, that a user is displayed as online even if it is not the case (due to a so called broken presence). This button will (try to) correct this for your grid. No user needs to be selected for this.

Handle User Balance

Handle User Balance

Together with jOpenSimMoney, you can secifically handle the users balance here. You can send money from your banker account(s) to this user. Using a negative value here will take it away from the user.

View transactions from this user

This is a quick link to the Money page filtering all transactions from and to this user.

Manage custom fees for this user

Here you can override per user the fees for upload and/or group creation

Finding User UUID

By double clicking on the last name, you will get a popup showing the OpenSim user UUID of this user

Showing the user UUID