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jOpenSim Friends Module Parameters


Log into your Joomla administration back end Then go to Extensions>Module Manager Find JOpenSIm Friends List and click on it.
On the right side change status to published right above status is Position this is how you set it to display on the site.
Depending on the template you are using the position tag will vary. When you have set the position set access to Registered
So only Registered users can see there Friends List.


In Joomlas module manager you will find several parameters:


Change the online/offline colors here to the needs of your template

Profile Link

Should the module provide a link to the profile of this friend?

Nofollow for Robots

Allthough it should never happen since friends are only visible for registered users, this is here as a security to avoid search engines to index profiles ... you can control the modules behaviour here

Max length of names

Names can be quite long and turn into 2 lines per user depending to your template and the position you attached it to. In worsed case it can even explode the position of your template. Here you can force a cut of the name where the module will take the name and add '…' to it (mind this is just 1 special character, not 3 dots).