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the module in action @

To Enable jOpenSim Grid Status go to Extensions -> Module Manager and click on jOpenSim Gridstatus Module.

Once in the settings you will need to enable all the stats you want to show then on the right side of the Module tab (see General module configuration).

You will need to set the Position you want it to Display the Position will be different depending on what template you are using.

On the Menu Assignment Tab you will need to set on what pages you want it to display.


General module configuration

Besides the gemeral module display options (as described above) here you can choose what information the module should display:

Button to the Global Configuration

Database configuration

This module can also run without jOpenSim installed. In this case (and ONLY in this case) it needs to have access to your OpenSim database, where the region table is located.

Note: count hidden regions from above only works with jOpenSim installed

Button to the Global Configuration

Customize display configuration

Choose here the color of online/offline text and wether the values should be displayed in bold or not

Button to the Global Configuration