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Snifff, Where is my JOpenSim for J4+ ???

1 month 2 weeks ago #3898 by WebRain
Hi dear Foto50 :)
There is some news about JOpenSim for J4+ ? It seems to me that you have given up or lost motivation :dry:
In all cases, in my best efforts to bring back a bit of life to the hypergrid ecosystem, i decided to create or adapt solutions for the use of cryptocurrencies using BTCPay Server as a payment processor... when JOpenSim's turn came i was a bit disappointed to see that your project is not evolving... :( so, i started to play around the v0.3.2 to fix the compatibility problems and as you see, is possible to run the thing in J4 without a need to a full re-write...

At this moment only the admin side work (not all) and i have the error 500 on the front-end but i just started with this and i'am just an amateur in action... you can do it faster and better than me and publish a J4 version (PHP7) in wait of the J5 version in 2050 :lol:

Please, let me know if this project is dead or there is a next... just to know what will be the best investment of time and efforts... (JOpenSim vs W4OS)
Thank you :)

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1 month 1 week ago #3902 by foto50
Hiya WebRain

No the project is not dead. To admit, my motivation lowered lately a little due to too many promises to help without further actions. Unfortunately my current situation is forcing me to focus other (commercial) projects more.

The J4/J5 Version at the end hangs all on the xmlrpc issue which would consume far too much time for me alone to solve. But there are folks who want to help in solving it, namely e.g. JKalt ... u might find him in the new jopensim github

Most of the 500 errors in frontend you experienced are EXACTLY the result of this issue and that would need the mentioned rewrite to solve it clean for an easier development in future.

The main target of jOpenSim should always stay, that it always works with "default" OpenSimulator and Webserver/PHP installations.

I'll try to find more time soon to maybe force a better communication on github, so others may find it easier to contribute.

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1 month 1 week ago #3904 by MTeegardin
I have not learned enough yet to be any help in the programming department, but I am willing to devote all of my free time to the Wiki on github.
Discuss in email if you prefer.
Thanks for all that you do!

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1 month 1 week ago #3905 by WebRain
Hi there :)
Thank you dear Foto50, happy to know that the project is not dead... for me, JOpenSim is "THE" Opensimulator web interface because i use joomla since 1.0.xx and is a powerful solution for many proposes...
I found the 4.0.3RC version that i installed and seems working :) the problem now is i run OpenSim fully SSL/TLSed using self-signed certs and the thing is not working because the SSL errors and hardcoded "http://"... i will fix that but is not a bad idea to implement a full SSL support because in the 0.9.3 is possible to run all the connectors under https including the textures, private chats, map tiles... all the TCP.

Basically i am an economist and a social entrepreneur with a skills bag full of passions, this includes programming, virtual worlds building etc... that's why when i decided to do something to revitalize the hypergrid, i brainstormed a plan to attract money from the cryptocurrencies world and direct it towards the hypergrid... so, to work, the majority of grid operators and people must have simple and secure tools to get paid and receive donations in cryptos...

There are a bunch of solutions among which i chose BTCPay Server which is software that people can install next to their grids in a completely autonomous context and they can also configure it to be a public service used by all the grid members...
To setup a DEV environment (same as the videos):

I started by creating a plugin for BTCPay that can cover the majority of economic actions using just LSL scripts. you can see it in action in this video (sorry for the quality):

Next, i modified DTL/NSL to implement BTCPay as processor and gateway, you can see this in work here:

it's easy to convert the PHP part of (my) DTL/NSL into a JOpenSim module... it's just a file and 3 functions to get the rates, request the BTCPay invoice and the pull payment for withdrawals... i will publish it this WE after some final tests here:

That said, don't be discouraged! there are good things coming for the end of the year and if my plan works... the web interface which has support for cryptocurrencies will be favored... and why not JOpenSim :)

On the other hand your busness model is not good and can be improved by subdividing JOpenSim into a free Core (money included) which contains the basics and paid satellites like plugins or modules which complete a "pro" environment like your paypal processor and maybe BTCPay one... you can also sell your working hours for personalized solutions... JOpenSim is a good job which can also have commercial derivatives.

Thank you and best wishes :)
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